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This is the page that i will list all the nessesary upgrades to your markers and links to sites where they can be found.

Spyder EM1 upgrades.
vertical feed adapter
Tuc Tight drop forward (fits the kingman reg)
inline regulator adaptor
all can be found at
DOUBLE TRIGGER MOD. email me and i can set it up.
Spyder's(compacts,one,SE,TL,TLplus,Shutter,flash,e99 all others.
shocktech derlin bolt.
Shocktech quick strip bolt
NPS cyclone bolt
Shocktech low pressure chamber
Beaver tails.
Trigger frames:
Mako elcd frame
Spyder esp frame
spyder sprint frame (the two spyders and mako frames are electric frames.)
Dye trigger frame.
power valve
turbo valve
spyder stock reg
cocker stock reg
ans genx2 reg
smart parts maxflo reg
air america regs.
pmi regs.
all types of drop forwards/cradles and x-chambers all at

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