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This is the section where pmi markers will be reviewed.  If you would like to submit your review i will go over it and put it up



Piranha G2 BL is an outstanding marker for a beginer.  I like piranha i think they make high quality guns at alower price then its competition. 
The BL comes stock with a bottom line setup (hence the name BL)  Which is simular to the spyder 2n1 (but the piranha cost less)  The BL also has rear cocking, rear cocking adds a much nicer look and allows easier stripping of the gun.  Its also safer then the spyder compacts side cocking.  The part i am the most impressed with is the easy feild stripping.  The pin on the piranha has no clip to loose or mess around with, it is just a pin that locks into place allowing much easier stripping. 
The piranha takes spyder threads so finding upgrades for this gun no problem at all. 
Piranhas are very reliable guns so if you take care of them (oil clean etc) they will take care of you on the feild. 
The piranha is a very upgradable marker.  The first and most important upgrade i would sugest would be to get a bolt.  The stock bolt just doesnt cut it.  I recomend a 7 hole venturi bolt, or a derlin bolt.  After the bolt is done the other nessesary thing is either a regulator or a expansion chamber.  if you play in warmer climates and use a regulator cause it will give you more consistant shots.  If you play in colder climates and use CO2 then get a expansion chamber because it wont freeze up the gun as easily.  If you use compressed air or nitro then get a regulator no matter what climate.  After those are taken care of then its realy up to personal feel.  you can add a beaver tail.  electronic trigger.  turbo valve the list can go on and on. has an extensive list of parts.
so when it all comes down to it the piranha is a very reliable marker and a great one weather you are a beginer or a expert.  And when the upgrades are added it can compete with the top guns.


Piranha STS VF G3:  Price - $134 @

I'll start with features.  It comes with the patented Ram Air chamber, Venturi Ported Bolt and Flush Cocking System,  Sight Rail w/ Beaver tail, Gas-thru foregrip, Polymer frame with double trigger, and bottomline with hose. 

Performance:  It performed well.  I had no problems other than a few oring breaks on the gas-thru and the stock barrel should be replaced.  Other than that, great poin-and-shoot feel.

Looks:  Looks great.  Especially titanium(mine).  The looks just F-L-O-W.

Upgrades:  Get a revvy.  Believe me the stock trigger is very nice, you can get many BPS.  Get a new barrel.  Stock is -blegh-  Get a drop.  just a personal preference thing.  Finally, nitro.  Just improves performance overall.  And it can be upgraded to an electro with the addition of the Mako or Hyperframe.

Cleaning:  Very simple.  Just pull out the strip pin and oil all the orings.  Not too many parts to worry about so re-assembling is quick and easy.

Overall:  GREAT starting marker to introduce a new player to paintball when they want to start with a more high performance gun.  Ready to go out of the box and looks fantastic.  The vertical feed provides for fast and efficient feeding so a revvy is a must.  I wouldn't compare this gun to any Spyder because in my experience Spyders are not half as good as Piranhas.  This is a terrific gun. 

John "toastman" Walter - Team Mirage A.Z.