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Events and Results

Archer's Assassins are from Lincoln Rhode Island and we are currently under Rookie Division. We have a home field, speed ball and woods course. We share a field with another team. Mess with the best, die like the rest. if you want to contact us you can Email us at or at
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Team Members: Joe Ricci(cocker with revy),Shawn Rebocho(TL Plus),Curt Hettrich(spyder em1 with nitro and revy),Ryan Dursin(Autococker) Dan Carvalho (fully tricked cocker), Brett Hettrich (Spyder em1 with nitro tank and revy), Tom Richards (spyder compact2000 with expansion chamber)

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here is our roster breakdown
3-man tournament/match
Team 1: Ryan Dursin, Curt Hettrich and Joe Ricci.
Team 2: Dan Carvalho, Brett Hettrich and Tom Richards 5-man tournament/match
Starters: Backmen: Curt Hettrich and Ryan Dursin. Front runners: Tom Richards, Dan Carvalho and Joe ricci. Alternates: Brett Hettrich and Shawn Rebocho
7-man tournament/match
Starters: Tom Richards, Joe Ricci, Curt Hettrich, Shawn Rebocho, Dan Carvalho, Ryan Dursin and Brett Hettrich
Alternates: N/A