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China Chow

Whats Your Fortune!

China Chow is a cereal that is both fun and nutrtional.  It may be packed with as much sugar as possible but it is good for the brain.

Are you a smart person?  If not do you want to be.  If you do then China Chow is the cereal for you.  You see not only do you get to enjoy our sugar packed cereal but you get a encouraging helpful fortune in every bite!!!!!!
All you have to do is remove the paper from the fortune cookie once you have eaten the cookie.  Or you can eat that also for extra fiber in your daily diet.  The choice is yours.  But either way China Chow is the cereal that helps kickstart you day and gets you ready to do some business.


the cookie in the photo is actual size

Customer Accolades

China Chow helped me open my own business.  Although I have no clue what I am doing and am now in over my head, China Chow gave me the extra confidence in myself to open it up.
Bob Demarco
Eden Prarie, Mn

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